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The Online Gaming Industry

Online gaming industry

The online gaming industry is thriving with the pandemic and everything that is happening around us, we are quickly revolutionizing the economy around us. The majority of rising e-commerce and technological advancement have showcased that we are true amidst a shift in perspective in terms of what’s happening online.

People are quickly maximizing their use of the internet both for business and leisure. If you haven’t noticed yet, the online gaming industry is rising more than ever in terms of online tournaments held, and players slowly leaning towards physical games that have taken the likeness online.

A great example of how physical games have shifted to the online world is Chess. We can see several blogs, articles, and headlines that players in the field have leaned towards playing online.  

Online Gaming Industry

Chess is particularly prosperous right now on Twitch and the online gaming industry, which is the world’s leading live streaming platform for gamers that allows you to showcase your gameplay and interact with people that share the same sentiments as you. The top chess streamer right now on the said platform is Hikaru Nakamura, a grandmaster who is top-five ranked in rapid and blitz formats, he has taken the liberty of utilizing the platform and playing the game online given the circumstances we are in.

Nakamura has 347,000 followers and 12 million views on Twitch and 222,000 YouTube subscribers. He has been collaborating with non-chess streamers which widens the mileage of the chess community. Even Garry Kasparov, former World Chess Champion, agrees that “The trend is obvious, chess is getting faster.”

However, some players have not taken this in the brighter aspect of things, including some of the disgruntled old-guard grandmasters. Some players also believe that these games have made an open invitation for online cheaters. The majority of them have a minimal concern on the usage of touchpad and mouse in playing online chess and how it affects the playtime of the player.

Chexi is one of the games that shows promise today in the online gaming industry. With the addition of probabilities and the good old fashioned dice in the mix to dictate a player’s move, it makes cheating and hacking obsolete. Of course, they should take into consideration the overall protection and security of both the morals of the game and their players. Lucky for you we have reasons why Chexi is thriving and how we have ensured that this may be your best choice yet.

#1 Negating the idea of “Hacking and Cheating”

With the addition of probabilities and the good old fashioned dice in the mix to dictate a player’s move, it makes cheating and hacking obsolete. Chess engines will not work throughout the gaming process making it difficult to manipulate through such action. We believe that a game that aims to provide real-life applications in line with skills and knowledge should not be jeopardized by the said act.

All players are given the right amount of opportunity and chances to play the game, therefore it is highly encouraged to gain as much from the platform as fair as possible.

#2 Paying respect to the “Classic”

We are not here to mimic the game of Chess, neither do we want to replace the traditional game we all know and love. Chexi is an innovation, wherein the classic pieces and chessboard are utilized with the addition of dice to dictate a player’s moves. Overall, nothing was replaced, yet a birth for entirely new gameplay has risen.

Think about it this way, if there is a new game out there ready to take the virtual world by storm, this would be the game to be.

#3 Timeless Environment

There have been a lot of talks that playing Chess online becomes difficult due to the limitations of touchpads and mouse delays that may affect the overall gameplay due to time restraints. The best part about Chexi is that the players are not bound by time, therefore there is ample room for assessment of the situation and an adaptation to the usage of the aforementioned tools.

Playing against people around the world or in tournaments will not limit a user depending on the tools they have on hand. This evens out the playing field and allows you to enjoy the game.

To sum up, Chexi is slowly revolutionizing and thriving throughout the online gaming industry because of the features and added challenge no one expected. This is an innovation that the majority of players have been looking forward to, and we are glad to provide it to them. Some players believe that there is nothing that can replace the game that they have accustomed to, however, we are not asking for you to shift towards just playing Chexi, you can play both and master the art in the said fields.

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