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Chexi Variations​

With the number of Chess variants out there, Chexi isn’t any different. Here are some of the unique alterations you can utilize.

Castling – Castling is a move wherein a player can jump spaces utilizing two pieces (the King and either of the players original Rooks). However, this may not be applicable in Chexi since the roll of the dice dictates your moves and the probability of rolling the said pieces in one roll aren’t high.


En passant – en passant is a move wherein a player can immediately capture an opposing pawn that has moved one square after they have moved two. This is an age-old tactic and can’t be applied in Chexi since the moves are dependent on the roll of the dice.


Multiple Rolls – Since Chexi is a game of limitless possibilities and chance, players are given an opportunity to play an unlimited turn as long as they move the pieces dictated on a Double Play and any piece on a Triple Play. 


Attrition  Once the Knight, Queen, Bishop, and Rook are taken from the opposing team. The game is automatically attrited/resigned due to the idea that the probability of winning has already been lost.


Chexi Twist – The idea was to shift the game of Chess to a more equalized environment wherein a player who is skilled in the game is given the fair advantage as a new player. No one has the upper hand and it’s up to the dice to dictate their faith.

Chexi - Chess with Dice


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